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A. MaĆ¢loul

Team: Al Ahly
Nationality: Tunisia
Date of birth: 1 January 1990
Country of birth: Tunisia
Place of birth: Sfax
Position: Defender
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 72 kg
2022/2023Al AhlyPremier League14300
2021/2022Al AhlyPremier League21810
2020/2021Al AhlyPremier League23510
2019/2020Al AhlyPremier League23530
2018/2019Al AhlyPremier League26850
2016/2017Al AhlyPremier League01
2015/2016CS SfaxienLigue 1271640
2014/2015CS SfaxienLigue 123340
2013/2014CS SfaxienLigue 129720
2012/2013CS SfaxienLigue 118150
2011/2012CS SfaxienLigue 128230
2010/2011CS SfaxienLigue 1181
Stats International Cups
2022/2023Al AhlyCAF Champions League6000
2021/2022Al AhlyCAF Champions League12110
2020/2021Al AhlyCAF Champions League4100
2019/2020Al AhlyCAF Champions League8400
2018/2019Al AhlyCAF Champions League8210
2018Al AhlyCAF Champions League7100
2017Al AhlyCAF Champions League10200
2016Al AhlyCAF Champions League2000
2015CS SfaxienCAF Champions League0100
2015CS SfaxienCAF Confederation Cup02
2014CS SfaxienCAF Champions League8310
2013CS SfaxienCAF Confederation Cup01
Stats National Team
2023TunisiaAfrica Cup of Nations Qualification2000
2022TunisiaFIFA World Cup1000
2022TunisiaCAF World Cup Qualifiers8110
2018TunisiaCAF World Cup Qualifiers8000
2018TunisiaFIFA World Cup2000
2014TunisiaCAF World Cup Qualifiers0000